Is Cardyard legit?


It’s a good question – after all the world is an odd space and who knows what’s happening from day to day?

So, IS Cardyard safe and legitimate?

Rather than expecting an answer from us directly (which you know will be “YES – We are amazing!”) – how about taking a look at our history, the people who have used us and the facts?

  • We were established in 2015. And have processed tens of thousands of gift cards. Both selling and buying.
  • We employ a dedicated team of experts. From admin and accounts, to tech and fraud prevention – we are on stream, and at work, 360 days a year (well even Santa gets one day off – and we’re not Santa!)
  • Our reviews – They are mostly excellent and although there have been hiccups we are the first to hold our hands up and work hard to rectify situations and make things better (REVIEW LINK)
  • We are transparent and on Social Media – We have a Facebook Page, Insta and Twitter feed – please come and join the conversation (and sign up for a competition?) and see what others are saying about us (links are at the bottom of our website.
  • Businesses use us - we have a LinkedIn presence and a number of companies will use us to buy and sell gift cards.
  • Testimonials – here are a few videos of our customers LINKyoutube
  • We are growing steadily – every year we’ve grown more and more, both in sellers and buyers
  • We have stringent safety checks on every gift card we process. Unlike or other online selling spaces, we actually check each and every card to ensure it is fit for sale, and that it’s valid and unexpired. That’s a great guarantee for both buyers and sellers!

- Buyers – you’ll get your card with our guarantee.

- Sellers – you’ll get your cash and you can sell with confidence!

  • Charity connections and wider support – we have linked with a national organisation – to help raise money for small community groups across the UK.

So, is Cardyard Legit?

We hope we’ve proven that Cardyard is legitimate and safe, AND that it has earned its place as the #1 choice for selling pre-owned giftcards!

11th of February, 2021More blog posts