Last Christmas, I gave you a gift-card...


... and for the past year, you did absolutely nothing with it.

Calling time on Christmas 2018/9 giftcards!

If you got a gift card for Christmas, then chances are it might expire any day soon. Yes, the gift card kindly given, by family or friends, is probably going to be worthless if you don't spend it within 1 or 2 years of receipt. Just like £300Million of gift cards do every year.

Fortunately you CAN do something about it!

With just a few months before Christmas – you’ll need to get on the case sharpish.TRADE your giftcard at Cardyard and exchange it for either cash – or a giftcard that you actually DO want.

Here’s how to save your gift cards

  • Visit Cardyard seller page
  • Upload your gift card details and check the price you’ll get when you sell
  • Decide to go for Cardyard account or cash
  • Hit “Sell” and follow instructions to send us your gift card
  • Once your card has sold you’ll get your money in 14 days.

All gift cards MUST have at least 3 months spendable time on them. So there’s no time to waste.

Get selling your gift card on Cardyard now.

28th of October, 2020More blog posts