#Lockdown Proposal Tips (from #Cardyard giftcard exchange)


Make the Grand Gesture on #Lockdown

Want to find something amazing to remember #Lockdown? How about getting engaged, or buying someone a special piece of jewellery to show how much you love them.

Now you might think a relationship under #Lockdown won’t be as much fun as before but here are a few ways we can put a positive spin on it.

- A chance to spend time with your nearest and dearest

- If you can live with someone under the stress of lockdown – then everything else is going to be a breeze

- You can really get to know your significant other – and show that you still love them, even if their roots are growing through, and they are stress-eating enough for a small family

- It’s a great time to iron out communicating even better.Use different questions to find out more about each other. Here are a few question ideas:

  • If you couldn’t fail – what massive project would you attempt?
  • What was the most terrifying moment of your life?
  • What piece of wisdom have you lived your life by?
  • If you were to write a book about your life, it would be called…?

(Remember to ask follow-up questions like “why” and “how” - and to listen without judgement to really get some deep understanding and connection going)

- There’s time to take up a hobby together – go running or walking together for your hour-a-day, or take up cookery or yoga with a YouTube instructor.

- Build your own business or side-hustle – at home.Become an online influencer, or deliver training on YouTube, or even start writing that book! Do it together, or separately, but check in and support each other.

And finally, when you realise that you would not wish to spend #lockdown with anyone else, use Cardyard to get a huge £1,000 off at Ernest Jones and H.Samuel with a Signet Connect gift card. So you can buy each other a pair of matching rings, and use all that online yoga training to elegantly propose and stand up again without having to grab the settee!


12th of May, 2020More blog posts