Get more Loungewear for your buck with giftcards


Loungewear – it’s huge!

Remember the 1980’s? The years of the padded shoulders, sharp-cut jackets and hyper-grooming. Hairspray and bouffant styles. Bright make up. High heels, pointy shoes. Our fashion sense was “sharp”. Well 40 years on, the 2020’s are likely to be known as completely the opposite.

2020 - kicks off the year of loungewear! The year of the PJ’s, onesies, hoodies, jogging bottoms. Slippers. Socks no shoes. And, yes – even at work! While we can work on zoom, remotely or virtually. - sometimes not even seeing another person for a day or two at a time - what’s the point of dressing up?


We have seen situations where loungewear has sold out within minutes of it going on sale. Even today there are articles that celebrate *some* loungewear is still available! And many many more that are saying “no go – sold out!”.

Even going back to March 2020, the UK was trending the concept of dressing for comfort not style. As lockdowns have continued, we have taken this to extremes. One of our customers runs training sessions and they frequently start off their zoom sessions with everyone showing and sharing their footwear of the day (hint:it’s always slippers).

Here’s how to get more loungewear for your buck using giftcards

So – if you feel the need to treat yourself but know that smart dressing is just not going to be worthwhile, then turn to loungewear. And if you are wanting to save some cash – then check out these retailers:

New Look – a fun, inexpensive range of loungewear for young adults and adults. Bargain prices and stock that changes regularly. Their black velvet lounge joggers are just £9.74, as is the matching sweatshirt. Get 12% off a £20 New Look gift card, and you can use it to buy them for a total cost to you of £17.60!And you’ll still have change to put towards some new slippers.

John Lewis – a full range of upmarket fabulous loungewear.Their own snuggly brand and lots of top names too.Using a John Lewis Giftcard (bought from Cardyard for 5% off) you can indulge your inner lounge lizard and feel great about it.

M&S – quality of M&S and timeless appeal with comfort. M&S appeal to all ages, and the beauty of the M&S giftcard, is that with the money you save, you can buy yourself a take-away lunch from their food store too).For M&S giftcards, you can get 12% off a £5 giftcard and 10% off the rest.But that’s fine – just buy lots of £5 giftcards and use them together – it’s the same as paying with cash, or a whole bunch of £5 notes.

Topshop and River Island – Funky and fab, up to the minute and totally on style.Their stocks seem to change quickly so you’ll never sign on to Zoom, Teams or Facebook Messenger and find you’re wearing the same as everyone else. Gift cards for both Topshop and River Island are 10% less than their face value.Buy a £20 gift card for £18, then max out on the sales.

Reiss – yes, even Reiss, upmarket “tailored” Reiss – has loungewear! (OK, their cashmere joggers come in at an eye-watering £175, but if you pay with a Cardyard discounted gift card, you can get effectively 20% off)

Loungewear Shopping – but smarter with giftcards!

Have we warmed up your loungewear appetite now? Are you tempted to relax just a little more, pour yourself a hot chocolate whilst you pre-shop at Cardyard to get your New Look, River Island, John Lewis, Topshop, Reiss or M&S gift card? Then rock on up to the retailers’ own websites to get yourself a relaxing bargain.

10th of November, 2020More blog posts