​ M&S Giftcards for a 2021 make-over


New year, new look!

New year, better fitness?

Or perhaps, new year, new wardrobe?

Either way – there’s something about the flick of a calendar that makes us review where we are in life and what we want to achieve.

Whether we want to have a do-over, with a new style or even new outfits (yeah, we know – new tops, same joggers!) or a more “holistic” approach, by starting a new diet…. Marks and Spencer’s may be just the place to start.

Marks and Spencers is ideal to kick off our 2021 living

Oh! But, Cardyard – you plead. The prices!!!!

"We cannot afford to be lounging around in M&S finest, when we need to be saving cash everywhere…"

Well, here’s the great news: With a Cardyard M&S giftcard you CAN save cash. Currently - you'll get a whopping 9% off a giftcard.

Get a Cardyard Giftcard to double down on discounts at M&S

So – do the Cardyard-Combo-Saver (buy a sale item with a Cardyard giftcard and you can be getting a double discount).

Here’s an example.The cosy loungewear women’s hoodie, was £18. On sale for £7.50, and with a Cardyard card, you effectively pay 9% less – so just £6.83 in the end.

For new looks - look no further than M&S

First of all their gorgeous range of “loungewear” – it’s really more like comforting clothing that can be dressed up with a scarf for a zoom call, or dressed down with wellies and a coat for a dog-walk.Oh – and some of these outfits look super-toasty for bedtime too!

Available for men, women and children -




New You with M&S Fab Food

Now – how about the food?We all know that M&S food offers great quality and fantastic taste even at a normal price. But with a Cardyard 9% off giftcard, you can now use it to shop for yourfood, and get fantastic M&S food at a much lower price.

A typical family shop of £50 can cost you just £45.50 when you pay with a Cardyard Giftcard at 9% off.

Here’s just one of M&S food ranges – with their “count on us” ready meals. Seriously – with how life is right now, it is a comforting thought to make it simpler, easier and still as delicious.


With Cardyard you almost can’t afford NOT to shop at M&S for discounts AND quality.

Just make sure you buy the reduced giftcard first!

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