What's your motivation for vaccination?


It’s all over the news – Vaccination Certificates, Incentives for Jabbing, news, views and the desperation to get a jab anyway. But at some point, there’s the big question – “What is our personal Motivation for Vaccination”?

Now many of us may be just delighted to get a jab.It’s a big deal as science is leading us back to a sense of normality.

Others may feel more trepidation at the jab, but still braving it anyway.

Incentives with giftcards?

And, for all the others – perhaps there’s an incentive on the horizon (carrot or stick)? The NHS gives out flu jab stickers although we haven’t seen any covid jab stickers yet. And this month we hear that some people in the USA are enjoying the incentive of a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts* giftcard! Yum.

Here at Cardyard we definitely don’t have a crystal ball, but we can all look to the states and see that often what happens on their side of the pond, tends to hop over here too.

  • So – ask yourself which giftcard would you like if it was to happen here?
  • Would a doughnut card do it for you? Or would you rather something more flexible?
  • And if you did get a giftcard that you don’t want – what would you do with it? Let it expire and waste, or sell it on Cardyard?

DISCLAIMER – we aren’t offering any of the above incentives at Cardyard – but we are making another offer: If you get a giftcard that you don’t want – let us sell it for you!

Free up the vax-cash and spend it on what YOU want. Because when it comes to any sort of windfall - wouldn’t you rather have the cash so you can spend it locally?

HINT – bookmark Cardyard.co.uk on your computer just in case. And remember we will take small valued giftcards and even part-spent cards. Just upload them and sell them!



25th of March, 2021More blog posts