National Giftcard Day 2021


It’s been going on for years actually – but this year is the first time we thought we’d put a name to it!

"National Giftcard Day" in the UK

National Giftcard Day, usually happens around the start of the 4th week of January. In 2021, we estimate it will be the 21st of January. And it’s when we at Cardyard are at our busiest - with people everywhere rushing to use the platform and sell their unwanted giftcards.

End of January is our busiest time for giftcard trading.

Of course, it's clear why this happens. People get to the end of January and realise that their Christmas giftcards would be more useful to them as hard cash!

So they turn to Cardyard, the UK’s number one giftcard exchange to sell their giftcards safely and securely.

The reason we decided to launch National Giftcard Day more formally this year, was to remind people to either spend it or cash it in!

Because in most normal years, around £300million of giftcards go to waste as they just aren’t ever spent.

Save your money - get savvy

In 2021, when people are likely to be strapped for cash, it’s even more important to ensure everyone makes the most of every £ they have.

With the possibility of retailers everywhere suffering a tough year, make sure you get full value from your giftcards. Because there’s just no guarantee on a giftcard if a retailer goes into administration.

So, for this National Giftcard Day – we urge you to either spend it or cash it in. Don’t join the statistics of the past years, of wasted giftcards, wasted money and wasted gifts.

Make the decision to spend it, swap it up, or trade it. And make that decision fast!

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