The Process of Selling a Giftcard


So, you’ve got a giftcard to sell and want to know the process of selling it?

Here’s a handy resource for you: VIDEO LINK

Big Picture process

  1. Upload your giftcard to Cardyard
  2. Cardyard runs a security check on the giftcard to ensure date and amounts are correct
  3. Cardyard will sell your giftcard to a buyer – safely – and will pay you into your chosen method within 14 days of selling the giftcard.

7 Step giftcard sales process

Here’s a step by step guide, and you can see the same with our VIDEO LINK

1. Go to, then to the top tab - "sell gift cards"

2. Add the gift card you'd like to sell – (in the video we added a Sainsburys e-giftcard)

- As you start to type in the box, you’ll notice lots of drop down options, for the retailer and for gift-card type (e-gift or standard)

3. Select the correct amount on the giftcard.

4. Now you have a decision – which account to use. Cardyard account, or payment direct to you:

- Are you going to buy another card from Cardyard? If so – take the option to leave the money from this transaction in your Cardyard account (you’ll get more!). If you prefer, choose the option to get the cash into your bank or paypal account.

5. Then fill in the details for your giftcard – for example the giftcard number and the PIN number, save the giftcard.

6. Now follow instructions to send the giftcard value to Cardyard so they can trade it for you. (Email, upload files or post by snail-mail)

7. Now check your account details or set one up following the simple steps. (You’ll need an account so Cardyard can pay you when your giftcard is sold)

Thousands of people sell their gift vouchers and giftcards with Cardyard, releasing money for them to spend where and when they choose.

The system is simple and fast, and we are always available to support you if you need help.

9th of December, 2020More blog posts