QUIZ: Discover your shopping style


Which type of shopper are YOU?

When it comes to shopping are you a Pragmatic, Indulgence, Experience or Freestyle shopper?

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed our shopping habits. What with mask-wearing in shops, the “eat out to help out” scheme, queues and social distancing, and all manner of other changes – our shopping habits may have changed dramatically.

For most of us, shopping is an important part of our social lives. For others it’s just an essential. But either way, you may find that you are getting a totally different experience from shopping than you used to enjoy. Maybe you enjoy it more now? Perhaps you feel the fun has gone? It could be you’ve switched style altogether.

Coping with change

Often when we are coping with change, one of the things that makes change less traumatic, is noticing what can be the same. Another coping mechanism is taking charge of change, and making changes so that YOU are in control!

Fun shopping style quiz

And that’s why we’ve created this fun shopping style quiz, to help you discover what shopping style you prefer so you can reconnect with what gives you a buzz!

It will take you just 2 minutes to see whether you might be a Pragmatic, Indulgence, Experience or Freestyle shopper!


Answer each question based on how you normally go shopping. There are no right or wrong answers. Scoring instructions are underneath the quiz.

(If you can't see the following quiz image clearly, you can either reduce your screen size, or right-click on the image and save it where it's easier to see)

Now score yourself:

If you have scored “Always” or “often” on questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and questions 11 and 15 & 16 – then you are probably mostly a Pragmatic Buyer

If you scored “Always” or “Often” on questions 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 1 & 18.Then you are most likely an Experience Expert

If you scored “Always” or “Often” on questions 8, 9, 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, then the chances are you’re an Indulgence Shopper

If you found it really difficult to answer these questions, or went for a mainly 50/50, then you are probably a Freestyler.

Any combination of these scores could mean you are a mix of these different shopping styles. For example, you may be mainly an Experience Expert, but with a leaning towards Indulgence, or Pragmatic. The aim of the quiz is to have fun and flex your shopping style, to get even more from your time and money.

Pragmatic Buyer

You know what you want and you know how to get it.Shopping list in hand (probably even written out to the shop layout) you can do your shopping at super-speed, and you know how to save money too!

You enjoy the fact that you can get in and out of the stores quickly.Shopping is just not your favourite sport (although saving money is!)So it’s nice to know you can soon get back home, feet up, and relax.

CARDYARD SUGGESTS: Get even MORE from your money:

You’re already a wizard at shopping! Embrace your pragmatic side fully – and pre-plan the buys you need. Once you know what you’re going to get, then tool up with a Cardyard giftcard, that will save you even more.

Help your friends and family out too – just sharing your shopping tips might help them save money too. (You could ask them to do this quiz)

Experience Expert

You’re an experience-shopper – you LOVE to get out there and meet up with others. There's nothing better than browsing aisles of your favourite items, and following that up with a luxurious coffee and cake in a bistro bar.

Your key focus isn’t always about money – it’s having MORE shopping experiences.

You enjoy chatting to others – other shoppers, retail assistants, your friends.

CARDYARD SUGGESTS: Embrace the Experience:

You, more than anyone, know that you don’t always have to have a full shopping bag to have fun! Sometimes it’s great to go shopping just to have a trip out. Impress your friends by using Cardyard gift-cards to eat out with friends on your trips.

And remember with a retailer gift-card that saves you 20% - you can put the savings to another shopping trip!

Indulgence Shopper

Shopping for you is about making a statement. You love to treat yourself – and others.

Whilst you’re not quite as into the experience as the Experience Expert shopper – you enjoy the thrill of coming home with a full shopping bag, packed with goodies.

In fact, one of your favourite parts of your shopping trip is getting home and unpacking to see what you’ve got. The downside is that sometimes you get Buyer’s Remorse, when something just doesn’t live up to all the expectations you had in the store.


Indulgence Shoppers can get carried away in the experience of shopping, only to discover that what they have bought just isn’t up to the job. Or they have spent more money than they needed to. Reduce this glum feeling – check online for prices first, and read reviews about your chosen article. Ask about returns – and don’t be afraid to take things back.

No point in having a bag of amazing indulgence purchases if they are just going to end up in the back of the wardrobe. A giftcard from Cardyard might also help you – cutting the cost of a purchase is never a bad idea!


If you found it really difficult to answer these questions, having no clear pattern, then you could be a Freestyler. You might even notice that your pattern changes depending on whether you go shopping alone or with others because this one is all about fitting in with others.

You freestyle according to who you are with, your friends and their needs. Often you feel that there’s a shop you’d like to visit, but you don’t, for whatever reason (perhaps it’s not your friends’ style, or perhaps there just isn’t enough time at the end of a trip).

You feel a bit regretful that you don’t always get the things that you would most like, but they are having so much fun, you’d hate to say anything to bring them down.

CARDYARD SUGGESTS: Have a Freestyle Adventure!

Instead of going with a bunch of friends, take yourself off to the shops you’d love to see inside for a change – either on your own or with one other friend.Tell them “I’d really love to pop into this shop”- before you meet up. Arrange to meet them outside, so you can go in first if you want.Freestyling alone can be great fun – and you can introduce your friends to new styles and ideas.

If you don’t fancy switching around your offline shopping habits, then perhaps take it online – and get even more of a bargain.Online or offline, check out our giftcards for stores you’ve never been in – so you get a double reward of fresh ideas, and money off!


This is just a fun quiz, because it's useful to notice your current shopping habits and perhaps free up a few of your thoughts around shopping. We invite you to shop like a different style and see what happens? For example - being more of a Pragmatic Buyer can save you a LOT of money (and even more when you also get yourself a gift-card from Cardyard first!). And remember to check if your friends are going into “Freestyling” in order to support your shopping habits – perhaps you can help them flex into another area too.

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