Relatives are for life… but their gifts don’t need to be!


We all love our friends and family. They are our tribe. But we didn’t choose our relatives, and we certainly don't always choose the gifts that they give us at Christmas.

We're close to some relatives and friends and not so close to others. Either way, it’s not surprising when sometimes things go a little awry.They say something out of order, or they do something questionable – or… they buy you the wrong gift!

Relatives are for life… but their gifts don’t need to be!

We’ve asked around the office and here are our top tips for these:

The “awful ornament” or atrocious trinket

Now if that “wrong gift” is a truly horrendous household item – perhaps an awful ornament that you now have to dig out of the cupboard and display whenever your friends come round for dinner, you might be breathing a sigh of relief that dinner dates are still off the cards in most of the UK (we are mostly in Tier 4 now).
Just keep it in the cupboard “for safe keeping” – until we all return to normal.Chances are your friends will have forgotten about it by then, so after a reasonable amount of time, you can donate it to a charity shop, or have learned to love it for its shock value. (There is a brilliant facebook group called “Terrible Art in Charity Shops” – your ornament could become famous LINK: )

Clothes or accessories that are just wrong

If it’s an item of clothing, yes – you will be expected to wear it – and be seen wearing it proudly on social media. Aah, but do you really need to?You could just comment on it, or send a delightful thank-you card.Then perhaps re-gift it to someone it will suit, or eBay it or or charity shop it!

Smellies – usually a box set – but you hate the smell/brand.

You can jazz up a weaker-perfumed smellie by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil. And fortunately – nobody is sniffing anyone at the moment.And they last for ages. So just regift or charity shop these!

Chocolates – but you’re on a diet.

Chocolate keeps for a long time, so if you’ve got the will power to hold on to it and have a small nibble once a week, great!If not, how about giving the whole box to a local community organisation, or passing it to a neighbour who’s helped you out as a surprise “thank you”?

Books that you will never read.

A little trickier – are they going to quiz you on the book afterwards? If so, can you skim-read the book to be prepared, and then you can sell it on Amazon, charity or regift it?

Giftcards that you will never spend

They bought you M&S but you are much more H&M.

Unwanted giftcards are such a waste. Often they never come out of our wallets – although the unwanted giftcard is probably the easiest unwanted gift of all to deal with.

Simply sell it or trade it on Cardyard and either get the giftcard you DO want, or get the cash for it instead.

With around £300Million of Giftcards going to waste every year in the UK, don’t contribute to this sad mess. Claim the gift, and enjoy it!

3rd of January, 2021More blog posts