Retail Therapy – needed so much right now!


2020 – Nobody needs to tell you it’s been a tough year. Lockdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions, illness… it’s bound to be getting to all of us. At least we still have retail therapy …

Retail therapy for individuals

If, like most people this year, you’ve not had a holiday, you’ve been confined to your home, you haven’t even been able to see your nearest and dearest and you are probably feeling in need of a cheer up!

Retail therapy can be therapeutic

Therapy itself is a way to make us “feel better” – and there are a number of ways that shopping can contribute to our wellbeing…

  • It can take us away from our day-to-day experience, provide a different outlook, a different state of mind
  • We can connect, talking to fellow shoppers and retail assistants – for some people these may be the only conversations they get at the moment.
  • We get out of our homes – we go outside!
  • We can even go into a deep relaxed state when shopping or browsing online or offline
  • Relaxation and the pleasant feelings you get when looking at new products
  • Music in the shops, friendly check-out people
  • Beautiful store layouts, great window designs, posters and promotions

– but beware spending too much.

Just as shopping can be therapeutic, never doubt that retailers use this calming and relaxing experience as a way to get you to buy more stuff. Music, great store layouts, promotions, friendly people, and a safe atmosphere - all these are also designed to separate you from your hard-earned cash. So here are a few tips to make sure you get the most from your retail therapy without going home broke:

Quality and quantity - here's how to get more retail therapy – and get more from your therapy:

  • Take yourself window-shopping – enjoy a browse without the commitment to buy (you could even leave your cash and cards at home)
  • Enjoy the sensation of shopping more. Just immerse yourself in all the colours, sounds, and sensory experience of shopping. Notice how different stores make you feel.
  • Take your time. Stop for a coffee, or just to sit in a park for a while. Do this at your own pace.
  • Connect more – yes it’s a tad more difficult when you’re masked up, but it’s still possible to connect with people. Verbally tell them “I’m smiling underneath this”. Remember that we can still see if someone is smiling with their eyes. Wave or thumbs-up at people. Make the first move – it will make you feel better too.
  • Save money – in national chains: note down what you really like, and identify ways to get these even cheaper. Often there are voucher codes available for online shopping, or buy yourself a discounted giftcard from to go back and pay for your goods (or use online)
  • Splash it around locally – we need to support our local retailers, the ones who keep our high streets alive. Remember you can SELL your national giftcards at and turn plastic back to cash to spend locally.

Retail therapy for businesses too.

If you’re a retailer, and you’ve been working hard to make ends meet dealing with the new challenges of COVID-19, whilst managing to balance the books and support staff… we salute you! It’s been a tricky time, and people aren’t always kind. As a retailer you’re now playing an even more vital part in the mental health of the nation, with your friendly assistants, safe environments and employees.

From all of us at Cardyard – thank you.

14th of August, 2020More blog posts