Save Money at Christmas with Giftcard Hack


Want to save money? Here’s how to Super-Hack Christmas.

You want to buy this £500 high-tech Thingamajig for your beloved.

But hey, it’s £500 – OUCH!

Also 2020 is a very strange year. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in 2021, and you’ve had to deal with a few months at 80% salary through 2020.

What’s the answer?

SUPER HACK your Christmas with Giftcards

Firstly, make absolutely certain that the £500 Thingamajig is actually want your beloved truly wants (how you do this, it’s up to you)

Then, get a picture of it, stick it into a gift card and wrap it up.

NOW, follow our step-by-step route to snag the best price.

  • Wait until January to buy. We all know it’s best to wait for the January sales, with deals of anywhere between 10-50% off.
  • Buy yourself the appropriate giftcard from Cardyard to boost your spending power. .
  • Come January - go buy the thing, after Christmas, using the gift-card.

Here’s a demonstration

THING - let’s imagine it’s a £500 thing at Argos.

Then Christmas happens, and then the January sales – and they knock 50% off the price.

Now it’s £250

Then you buy a £250 Argos gift-card –from Cardyard at 9% off – so you’ve spent £227.50 in total to get your £500 thing

AND you get some Nectar points which you can use for deals and more money-off a different day. That’s just a bonus.

But the bottom line is you have SAVED yourself £272.50 off a £500 item. That’s more than 50%. Imagine the other things you can buy or nights out you can enjoy in the future? Or you could perhaps just stop in and enjoy playing with your super-inexpensive tech.

Whatever happens, you’ll have a brilliant Christmas, knowing that you’re saving money AND getting exactly what you all want too.

PS: And if you get any giftcards or giftvouchers that you don't want for christmas - remember you can sell them at Cardyard too.

11th of December, 2020More blog posts