​ Save money! Here’s how to buy the same item for LESS


(And we aren’t talking cheap own-brand stuff either 😊 )

Even when you want the best brands, the biggest names, and the guarantee of a great retailer – try out a Cardyard Pivot and you can be saving cash left, right and centre.

Want 6%* off your new sofa at John Lewis? Need new gym gear, training kit or running shoes? Get yourself £££££’s off at JD Sports or Adidas. Or 10% off Nike brands direct.

Feel the inspiration for a little theatrical luvviness? A creative date, or a fab moment of luxury – get 11%* off a Theatre voucher. (That means you could go with a party of 10 people and one gets a free ticket!)

Or perhaps you want to buy a new book for a holiday read on the beach (Yes, we are jealous!) – well how about 20%* off with National Book Tokens, or Waterstones direct?

And while we’re on the beach concept – how’s your bikini? Do you need a new one? Save between 10 and 13% at New Look, Superdry, Monsoon, H&M or Primark. Check out M&S cards too!

All in all, we reckon that life could easily be around 10% cheaper when you spend with a Cardyard card.And it’s simple.

Just follow the process

  • Choose what you want to buy from your chosen retailer – add to basket
  • Go to the Cardyard site and buy a discounted giftcard
  • Use the discounted giftcard to pay for your purchase.

The Cardyard Pivot is ideal for online shopping, and you can use it for in-person buying too. Simply take the e-voucher or your phone with you to pay.

Timing: You don’t need to use up ALL the cash on a Cardyard giftcard immediately, but be aware that the giftcard is likely to have a much shorter expiry time, so aim to use it as fast as possible – within a few days or weeks (42 days maximum balance guarantee).

Here’s what a few of our customers say:

Baby Bargains

Sara and Rohan said; “We wanted baby items for our beautiful new baby boy.So we did a Cardyard Pivot and bought all we needed from a variety of shops, like Halfords for a car-seat (Cardyard got us 10% off), and Argos for things like the crib and a stair gate (we saved £45 here), we even made savings on nappies at Asda.All in all we spent around £800, but when we worked it out, the total cost before Cardyard and all the offers was more like £1000.We think we saved £100 because of Cardyard and £100 just from savvy buying (like looking out for offers and online deals.)

Fit savers

Another married couple Jody and Jodie (yes, we know – you couldn’t make it up!) were determined to get fit after Christmas.“Like everyone we’d piled on the pounds and we wanted to get some new gym gear” said Jody, or Jodie (at this point we can’t work out who’s who).“So we got some 15% off cards at Adidas and 10% off at Nike. Plus a little 10% off at Hotel Chocolat (because that’s an energy food, yes?).

“We probably saved ourselves at least £35 – which meant we could also get a guilt-free take-out that night”. (OK, not sure that’s what you were going for Jod- erm…, ah, we give up)

Cardyard Pivot for Wealth and Health

As you can see, Cardyard Pivots are great for your bank-balance, great for your fitness and also mean you can get more fun (or even chocolate) for every pound.Yeah OK.

But – save some cash today – just try it once and you’ll be hooked on the savings.

*All these prices are subject to change and depend on what we currently have in stock.Discounts go up as well as down.

31st of January, 2022More blog posts