Save money and stay safe – when helping out with Covid19


Are you shopping for your neighbours, or volunteering to help others with the Covid crisis?

We’re all trying to do our bit these days. And shopping for friends and neighbours is a really great way to help out.

However, you may have some concerns about handling cash, or managing payments from people. So, here’s an idea to help THEM save money, and to help YOU BOTH stay safer

  • Buying a store e-card from Cardyard can mean your neighbours or friends can save money (currently our ASDA cards are going for 5% off, at time of writing). So that’s a welcome saving.
  • Your neighbours can send the e-vouchers to YOU to print out, hold on your phone, and use for their shopping – so you’re safer instore, not handing cash or cards.
  • And you don’t have to handle cash when you drop the shopping off on their doorstep.

We hope this is a win-win way to help everyone, as we’re all doing our bit to support each other.

15th of April, 2020More blog posts