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Everyone's searching for “How to get gift cards for cheap”

Savvy shoppers – we applaud you!

Because as soon as you put “Gift Cards” into Google – the number one search that comes up is:

“How to get gift cards for cheap?”


I mean out of all the questions – like, “where do I buy giftcards”? or “Which giftcards are the best” – at the end of the day, it’s all about how to get a gift card for less. And that’s really cool because it’s definitely possible to get gift-cards for less, AND to save yourself a substantial amount when you use gift-cards to make purchases.

Right now* – here are some of the savings you could be enjoying, using a giftcard from Cardyard.

12% off M&S

15% off WH Smiths

14% off x-box

And a massive 20% off National Book Tokens!

Double-down your shopping discounts with a giftcard!

It’s probably not escaped you that many people are on #Lockdown at the moment, and we are all reaching out to find great things to do, and cost-efficient ways of doing them.

So what can be better than a book token, or a token to buy a jigsaw.Or even a computer game? And some delicious luxury M&S food to go with them? All of them costing less thanks to the magic of "buying with a giftcard"

And whilst there are certainly bargains in the online shops, you can now max-up your bargain buying with a discount gift card!

*Giftcards move quickly, and it’s all depending on stocks. Check out our “Giftcards for sale” page: to see what deals we have on at the moment.

BTW here are a few of the other giftcard related questions:

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  • How can I get cash for gift cards immediately?
  • What is the best discount gift card site?
  • How do you convert gift cards?

It’s like you’re reading our minds.

Cardyard was set up to help you buy and sell gift cards and to make money, and save money by doing this.So welcome to our site, and enjoy trading gift cards here.

PS: when you spot a great deal - don't keep it to yourself. Remember to share on social media too

6th of May, 2020More blog posts