Sell your xmas 20 giftcards - before they expire!


Did you get a giftcard or a gift-voucher for Christmas last year? Is it still in your wallet, on your desk, or in your bedside cabinet?

We're calling time on Christmas 2020 giftcards and gift vouchers!

Perhaps it’s on the mantlepiece, behind the clock? Somewhere obvious – shouting out to you “spend me spend me”! But you haven’t have you? Because like so many of us, you’ve been waiting for the right moment, and it’s just never arrived.

Because 2021, just didn’t happen in the way we planned.

Perhaps as 2021 unfolded, your hope for your gift card was dashed as you realised you didn’t actually need the essential travel items after all. The new swimwear for your tropical ‘21 beach holiday – nope. The new luggage set for jetting off - nah. The cosmetics, the indulgent suntan lotion – they weren’t needed in the end. And your flip-flops from your 2019 holidays are going to be fine until at least 2023.

So now the giftcard sits forlornly, the hours (and value) ticking away, nothing more than a stubborn reminder of the hope you had for it.

Or perhaps you’ve simply completely forgotten about it.

Time is ticking down - what happens next to the giftcard?

Well we don’t need a crystal ball to tell you – it will end up in the bin, or in the recycling, and you will end up with a feeling of “what a darned waste”. A waste of a year, and a waste of a giftcard – someone’s hard earned cash. Doomed.

But there's hope...

Don’t Bin the Card!

Here’s how to save the day (and perhaps a few quid!) – simply sell the giftcard through Cardyard. The safe and secure way to sell your giftcard.

As long as it has a few months spending time left on it before it expires, then you can sell it on the Cardyard Platform and make back the cash.

And after that – just think - what are you going to do with the cash?

Perhaps quench your thirst at your local pub? Or have a browse in a local bookseller? Enjoy some quality time with friends and spend the cash on coffee and cakes, or an autumnal Cream Tea Surprise!

Maybe use it for Christmas, or buy yourself that ridiculous Halloween outfit you vowed you’d never wear.

But the main thing is YOU DID SPEND THE MONEY!

You didn't waste the card!

That giftcard has not gone to waste, and you could even send a message to the giver sharing news of the unexpected change of plans!

Tell them their Amazon giftcard made you very happy in the local independent café. Perhaps it’s not what the giver intended or expected, but frankly 2021 wasn’t what any of us expected, and the idea of one less wasted moment for the year is going to be good news!

So - enjoy your gift-card-cash-conversion, and remember to let us know what you did with the cash.

4th of October, 2021More blog posts