​ Sell your Sainsburys giftcard?


You got a Sainsbury’s giftcard – but there’s no Sainsburys nearby? Well that’s ok. You can sell it at Cardyard.

At Cardyard you can trade in your Sainsbury's e-gift card, and get a 87% return for it. That’s £8.70 for every £10 you sell us. And actually – if you prefer to get Cardyard credit instead – you’ll get £9.14 for your £10 Sainsbury card.

Don't hold onto a Sainsbury's giftcard that you can't use

Because there’s just no point in having any giftcard when you can’t spend it. And savvy shoppers are all about making their money stretch further and using giftcards and cash like an asset.

Now – on the other hand, if you were to BUY a giftcard you DO want – you can get that from Cardyard for a bargain price!

Here’s an idea:
Sell your Sainsbury’s £10 giftcard, and get £9.14 in your Cardyard account.

Then use the £9.14 from your Cardyard account to buy a £10 New Look giftcard for just £8.80.

And suddenly your £10 Sainsbury gift card that you never wanted anyway – has become a £10 New Look gift card that you really did want! Plus you still have CASH left over from the transaction – you'll have 34p in credit.

It’s a win-win situation. If you get a giftcard you don’t want – then spend it or trade it. Just don’t lose it.

NOTE: All costs and figures quoted are based on current discounts, buyers/seller rates at time of publishing.

16th of November, 2020More blog posts