Shopping Smarter: has seasonal shopping had its day?


Part One in a series about Shopping Smarter.

The sun has come out again. Which means that it’s time to dig back into your wardrobe for those lighter, summery clothes again. Luckily, it’s only been a few weeks of adverse weather since the last warm spell. So those shorts shouldn’t be buried too deep.

Shopping is in a constant cycle. Of course it is. Fashion for example: winter jumpers & thick socks, valentine’s day, jeans & florals, shorts and t-shirts(!), and then those jumpers start to creep back onto the racks again. Before you know it there are reindeer-onesies and jumpers with knitted snowman patterns. And then the cycle begins again.

In addition to the cycle that we can see on the racks and shelves of retail outlets, the changing seasons contribute to our changing shopping habits. Warm weather drives us Brits out to the shops more than cold weather. Unusually hot weather drives sales of summer clothes and items for outdoor dining and recreation.

Adverse weather keeps shoppers inside and influences their choice of purchases. In early 2018, the snowstorms drove a big increase in parcels and packages, as consumers opted to stay warm inside and take advantage of online shopping to make sure that they were adequately equipped to handle the icy weather.

Looking at all these patterns it is clear the British public are not channeling their inner Boy-Scout when it comes to shopping habits. We are not prepared.

Particularly in terms of clothes shopping, a little planning could go a long way to save a lot of money.

If we start to think outside of the seasonal cycle that big retailers stick so rigidly to, we have ample opportunities to save our wallet. Perhaps when you receive a gift-card for Christmas, before just tucking it away and saving it until the spring fashion lines come out - look out for deals across retail, take the time to expand your winter wardrobe just as the weather starts to brighten, knowing that some waterproof boots will certainly be of use in the future.

Being prepared can also help with saving money for gifting, the ultimate money trap of the season shopping cycle. November comes around and suddenly the price of luxury chocolates and premium bath salts are at an all time high. Get ahead of the game and sell those unused gift-cards for cash after your birthday and get a head start on Christmas shopping, even if it is only April! 'Future-you' will thank your quick thinking in Spring when you are not searching for those extra pennies to see you through December.

So, before you rush to the shops to update your summer wardrobe this year, take a moment to think about the year you have ahead, and see if a little preparation can help save your wallet.

23rd of June, 2020More blog posts