Shops nearly open - are you ready?


It’s been a while since we all went out and hit the shops in a meaningful way. I know we’ve all survived on supermarket clothing and own-brand toiletries (if at all) and for everything else there’s Amazon… but NOTHING beats the thrills and spills of a real shopping trip!

You know – the ones where you can actually touch the items you want to buy. Where you can arrange for a coffee mid-shop – take the weight off your feet, and reconnect over a latte and some juicy gossip (I wish!).

Those trips where you can touch and feel the books before you buy them. Where you can assess T-shirt quality by feeling them (not just read an online description). And those glorious forays into a vintage store – to physically hold the designer top you want to buy.Yes – in THREE D!

But before you get there – it’s probably worth doing a bit of a quick check in.

Bus route checked – some routes may have changed, and times have certainly changed. Even just from winter to summer timetables by now

Train timetable checked – as with the buses, trains run two timetables a year at least, so double-check you are on the same page.

If driving - car battery charged? Windscreen fluid topped up?And you might as well double-check you’ve had it serviced and things like the brakes haven’t seized up with lack of use.


It’s been a while – so even if this is your local city, then it’s probably worth checking a map of the area, routes, etc. Make sure that roadworks aren’t going to hinder your route. Also that carparks are still open (and you’ve got the change)

Next, of course - friends – where you’re meeting, times and details checked? Some shops/cafes may not be open, so a quick double-check for them is handy.

And finally – your spending power! If you’ve had a new banking card/credit card during the lockdown, remember you might need to put that into an ATM to activate it. Cash itself seems to be almost a thing of the past, but still some shops and cafes are insisting on cash only, so get a few notes ready to spend.

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30th of March, 2021More blog posts