Space and Time LifeHacks 2021 part 1


We all need space and time to just be ourselves, even on a good day. With Covid-19, even more so. Here's our two-part series on how to distract yourself through this current crisis.

Time and Space to be YOU!

Part one – TIME:

Whether you are working, in between jobs, furloughed or retired, time is a very strange concept at the moment.Either we have too much of it or, in the case of many – not enough of it.Either way, it’s something on our minds and that means we might also have time on our hands too!

Our suggestion – distraction, distraction, distraction.

Not enough time? Too busy to think?

Then you need some down-time, some opportunities to just “be”. A little creativity will give you a fresh new look at things.
Nobody is getting a holiday in the sunshine at the moment, so you aren’t missing out. But you do still need a break. Distraction is great. Take up a hobby, or revisit your favourite activities.

Too much time – too many thoughts?

Ruminating or over-thinking is just as horrible as not having the time to think.However, the combination of too much social media, and perhaps a curtailed work flow, means that we can end up going over thoughts and worries ad infinitum.We need a distraction.A break from our internal worries.

Great distraction practices:

  • Traditional games – if you’ve got friends and family at home, get out the Cluedo, or Monopoly or just a pack of cards. Re-acquaint with the concept of sitting round a table enjoying each other’s company with a different focus.
  • Computer gaming – board games can now be played online with friends remotely, or you can get new friends through the game.
  • Book it! Fast-paced frolics or calm and relaxed… whatever does it for you, go for a good book.And remember that you might need to switch genre to keep your attention. If your traditional historic romance isn’t doing it for you – perhaps switch to a racy page-turner instead. Book vouchers can keep your costs down -
  • Hobbies – Cross-stitch, drone-flying, growing succulents, jigsaws, painting or cooking. Pick up a hobby and throw yourself into it. (If you want to take up a new hobby, remember it might be costly, so reduce costs by using a Cardyard card.
  • Learn a thing – loads of online training courses at the moment, so do something really random.A demanding training course will distract your mind, and give you some thinking space.Plus – the success of passing a course is brilliant! Need cash to book on a course – sell Cardyard your giftcards and free up the learning-money!
  • Connect – call up some old friends and have a chat on the phone or via Skype.

And, of course - Mindfulness: not a distraction practice – but still brilliant.

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