Space and Time LifeHacks 2021 part 2 - Time


We all need space and time to just be ourselves, even on a good day. And with Covid-19, space and time are even more vital. Here's the second part of our two-part series on ideas to manage your own space and time through this current crisis.

Part two – SPACE:

Everything the same, but no space to be?

You may have a job and be feeling grateful for that. Or you may be on furlough and be grateful for that. But the problem is you feel dissatisfied with your space. Kids at home all day and always in your face. Or flown the nest, so you have an empty space but nobody there to enjoy. The human condition means it's normal to want things to be different. So first of all just check in and let yourself know - it's OK to want something else.

And then...

...embrace the opportunities you can find to change it up and maximise your space.

Need more space:

  • Space ideas: Garden – make the most of your outdoor space, or your window box, micro-gardening can be great fun. Buy garden equipment for less with a Cardyard card:
  • Volunteer – get into a different space (WHEN SAFE). Do a beach or river clean up as part of your exercise.Gets you out, but also in new spaces.

  • Walk – even just through your streets, get out there and into another environment.And separate your “bubble” out – take walks at different times so that sometimes at least the house is all yours alone.
  • Get some boundaries:Make sure your family knows not to barge in on your own space.Even if you need to put up signs to remind them.(The writer of this article has put a battery-operated doorbell on her home-office!)

  • Take a bath, find a space that you can just be alone and enjoy it fully. Want some great smellies?Pick up your Cardyard giftcard first:
  • Set a time-table for the space you have.The kids get the living room from 9-5, but they are banned from your home-office area. The kitchen is a you-only space from 6pm onwards in the evening.
  • Noise awareness.Sometimes it’s not that the space is too busy, but there’s too much noise.Introduce a silent time, where nobody is allowed to speak or play loud music, from, say, 7pm onwards each evening.

Need less space:

It's possible you feel like having less space is the solution. After all, if you are feeling alone, and the house is rattling, here are a few ideas:

  • Consider getting some room dividers, to make your larger empty space less large.
  • Cushion up – invest in or make loads of soft furnishings, like cushions or throws.
  • Change your space – take up painting or drawing on huge canvases – make them inspirational and embrace the space on your walls.
  • Get a lodger – a great source of income as well as another human in the space.(Make sure you’ll get on with them first, perhaps hold interviews by zoom)
  • Rescue an animal – a cat, or even an indoor rabbit.Animals make great company in a space that’s just too empty. Even a goldfishBuy all the animal accessories using a Cardyard discounted giftcard:
  • Turn on some ambient noise – put on your favourite music, or fill the air with a radio broadcast, keeping a cheery voice on in the background. Treat yourself to a new radio? Get it from a Cardyard retailer and double up on discount with a giftcard:

We would love to hear of your pace and time life hacks as we all navigate 2021, together or apart. Please pop a message or post on our Facebook page.

29th of January, 2021More blog posts