Spend Quality Time with that Special Someone on a Fancy Date Night

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It’s not often that we get to spend quality time with our loved ones. In fact, we are more likely to spend more time with the people that we work with than with the people who we choose to have in our lives – so time spent together is valuable. What better way to pass an evening than by sharing the experience of a trip to the cinema to watch a film together – laughing together, crying together or even discussing it afterwards?

Trips to the cinema can, unfortunately, add up, so discounted gift cards can be the perfect way to bring the cost down without missing out on the extras that make a night out at the cinema so special.

Date Night Discounted Gift Cards

You can use your Cineworld or Vue gift cards to buy anything inside the cinema, including tickets to see the latest new releases, drinks, sweets, and of course popcorn – and a trip to the cinema just isn’t a trip to the cinema without popcorn!

There are plenty to choose from – especially if you fancy seeing the latest Hollywood blockbuster in the conventional 2D cinematic experience. Both Vue and Cineworld also offer the Imax option in many locations across the UK, and Cineworld also serve up the latest offerings from 4DX – which puts you right inside the film, with motion seats and special effects.

New Releases

As we head towards Christmas, making time to spend with our loved ones is even more important. So, whether you prefer to sit back and relax to a romantic film, warm your cockles with a Christmas special, or leap into each other’s arms with a scary thriller, a cinema date night could be the ideal way to share an experience.

Here are a few films that might catch your fancy over the next few weeks…

Murder on the Orient Express – Starring Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer, Murder on the Orient Express features Hercule Poirot trying to solve the latest murder mystery on board the famous train.

Jigsaw – For those who enjoy a good old horror film, Jigsaw is the 8th part of the `Saw` group. It is set ten years after the death of the `Jigsaw killer` when a new succession of similar murders occurs.

A Bad Moms Christmas – Christmas is one of the most critical times of year for many parents, so for three `moms` who are under-appreciated and over-burdened it can be a challenging time of year as they attempt to create the perfect Christmas for their families – including their own mothers!

Check out what discounted gift cards are available for Vue and Cineworld here at Cardyard and enjoy that special time together without breaking the bank.


22nd of November, 2017More blog posts