Summer can be spendy - and here’s how to get some cash for it


As we head into British springtime, many young people may be considering what they are going to do for their summer holidays. Perhaps they are considering a holiday, or time spent with family. They will certainly be thinking of taking it easy for a few weeks, with no school, no college and hopefully a little sunshine.

And then there are all the students who are leaving school, college or university this year. For them, their thoughts are probably rather different… Will I get my degree? Do I continue in education? Which college or university will I get into? And even – “what will I wear for my first job interview”?

Rest & Relaxation, or Rinse & Repeat – you’re going to need cash

Whatever you are planning, from your well-earned rest by the pool, to kick-starting your high-powered career with a round of interviews, you’re going to need cash!

Wise up and assess your assets

Even if you’ve planned wisely for your summer holidays, a little bit more cash is always welcome – and making your own cash can give you buzz! So instead of going to bank of Mum & Dad, here are a few ideas on how to get your hands on some cash you never knew you had!

Crash the piggy bank

So you’ve only got few sad coins inside it? Don’t despair… even if with just a few 50p coins, it’s possible that they are worth more than you think. (Older coins, like old pennies and farthings can go for a lot more than face-value – so do your research)

Google how to sell coins and check out eBay. At time of writing there was a 50p coin going for £48.99 – that’s quite a few poolside cocktails! (

Sell some time

Although you may not have much time available because of revising for exams, if you have a few hours a week, then consider multi-tasking with revision AND working. Make yourself some flash-cards, find useful ways to remember your work, then get a hands-on job (like washing cars or in a local shop or pub) and in the down-times you can revise.

Sell your gift cards

Aunty Louise bought you a £20 Marks and Spencer gift card at Christmas? Not much use on the beach is it? Well how about turning it into cash? Head over to Cardyard and cash it in for real money!

Buy the career essentials for less.

Whether you need a new suit for interviews, or a pair of killer heels (beachbar or boardroom) – you’re probably already savvy about saving. So how about getting an EXTRA 20 %* off the perfect outfit? not only buy unwanted gift-cards, they also SELL gift cards at a discount. So you can buy a discount gift-card, and use it to fund your essential purchases!

*Gift card prices vary, you could get between 3 and 25% off, depending on what you buy and when you buy them…

Set up a side-hustle

Become a trendy influencer? Buy and sell online? Or the new kid on the block - take up gift-card trading…

More and more people are getting in on the Cardyard side-hustle. And it’s possible to make good money by buying and selling cards. Make sure you like our Facebook page and watch out for more information about the gift card side hustle

And a last note on careers and education:

Leaving education can be a worrying time. After all, we spend many years in the protected environment of our schools, colleges and universities, and suddenly, after our education we can feel like we’re afloat in a world of opportunity – and concerns.

Fortunately, the National Careers Week website has lots of vital and useful information to help people make a decision on their futures. Their website with resources is useful for students, parents, educators AND potential employers. If you’re thinking of your future career, then it’s certainly worth having a look on this site.

If leaving education, and/or making large lifestyle changes is getting you down, then please look at where you’ll find lots of resources to support your mental health. is available in the UK only for buying and selling giftcards and gift vouchers. Since Zeek closed their operations last year, Cardyard is the ONLY UK gift-card exchange in the UK.

Register here:

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