Supporting Independent Shops


High Five the High Street!

We all want to support the independents.

It’s so on-trend, and also so vital. We are all trying to support our local shops.

As shops are opening up in our towns and communities, our attention is on how to help the local independents.

Whether they are book stores, or clothing stores, jewellers or artists, sign-makers or stationers. They are likely to be owner-managed, and won’t have had the financial cushion provided by big companies. (Their owners might not have been even able to access furlough payments). But they have still had to cover their outgoings.

And we all want to help wherever we can.

Fortunately we are seeing a real up-turn in people cashing in their gift-cards for cash! Here are just some of the comments from our customers:

“We don’t feel good spending our gift-cards online, knowing that our neighbours who run local shops are suffering”.

“Now that we can get back into the town, and into the shops, we want to show them our support”

“Our local shops are the ones that employ local people, so it’s important we do our best for them”.

“I’m selling my Amazon vouchers to Cardyard, so I can use the cash to buy a local-shop voucher for my mum on her birthday”.

This is the tip of the iceberg, as we get more and more people using their giftcards to support their local shops and markets.

So – this summer, if you want to support the indies – then sell your chain-store and big brand giftcards for cash at Cardyard. Then take those lovely flexible pounds and spend them locally.

Together we can keep our High Street alive, keep it vibrant, and keep the independents going!

1st of June, 2020More blog posts