Turn your birthday giftcards back into cash


We've all heard this at some time in our lives:

"Happy birthday to you!

"Here’s a giftcard too

"I know you probably don’t want it - but I didn't know what else to do"

Does this ring any bells with you? You may have read it in a birthday card if you’ve had a birthday since the 23rd March (I know I have!).

And even before #Lockdown, giftcards were a popular choice for people to give, when they just don’t know what you want. After all – we’re a very polite society and we’re brought up to think that money is just such a “thoughtless” thing to give. (Even though most of us would say it’s actually far better than any gift card.)

It also seems we’ve all gone a bit anti-cash with Covid-19. Stores are asking for card payments, and preferably contactless. Cash is just so 2019.

Fortunately – it doesn’t have to be this way! With Paypal and bank transfers, nobody actually needs to be touching cheques, or cash, or popping either of them into an envelope in order to give it.

People are much more keen to “support their local retailers” – so cash is the main option here, as most tiny boutique stores don’t have gift-cards or vouchers.

Turn giftcards back into cash when you sell to Cardyard.

And even if you DO get a giftcard, you can use Cardyard to turn it back into lovely flexible cash that you can spend anywhere. And everywhere. Here's how to sell: . . Sell your gift cards

As an example: you could get £18 cashback on a £20 Amazon voucher, or you could get £18.90 back in your Cardyard Credit account, to spend on another giftcard! So you could use it to buy a £20 M&S giftcard for just £17.60 – save yourself £1.30 AND still have £20 spending power in M&S! (Prices as of time of writing)

Turning £20 Amazon vouchers into £20 M&S Vouchers AND still having £1.30 in credit

Summary: Sell your giftcard to Cardyard, but don't leave it at that - you can re-buy a gift card that you actually want - and you'll get cash off! You could be quids in on the deal.

29th of May, 2020More blog posts