UK GiftCard Buyers – here’s how to get the best deal this Christmas!


Everyone is being a bit twitchy about buying retailer giftcards this year – and they have a point. After all, once you’ve committed your hard-won cash to a giftcard, there’s no going back… or is there?

Fortunately – with Cardyard, you CAN have your gift-card and eat it (well, not eat it exactly, but you know what we mean).

First of all – you CAN sell on your giftcard.

So – Aunty Karen sent you a naff voucher for a shop you haven’t frequented since you were 12?

That’s OK. Just head on over to Cardyard and sell your card, or trade it for one you WILL use.

It’s all a fully secure transaction because Cardyard security-checks all the cards they process.

Then you can use giftcards to SAVE money

Seen something you want.Then FIRST buy your giftcard at Cardyard for say 4, 5 or even 15% off – and once your item is in your basket, you simply use that giftcard as payment at checkout.

You’ll be enjoying even more savings than before, and double that up with the sales and offers, to make a killing!

UK only - gift card trader (giftcard exchange)

Remember that Cardyard is UK only! (Although we do take occasional cards)

So get this amazing benefit to boost your buying power, and if you’re heading to the UK retailers (online or offline) for a gift-buying trip, then card-yard up your wallet first, to ensure you have amazing savings.

18th of December, 2020More blog posts