​ Hack your university life in 2020, for safety, cash and fun!


University students everywhere are getting ready to head off to their hallowed halls of learning. But this year it’s all going to be very different.

You’ll still want to enjoy yourself, and get to meet people - so how are you going to cope? Won’t you have to spend a fortune if you need to meet up at restaurants and pubs all the time?

Cardyard to the rescue - save money with gift cards!

Get out, meet up – use our reduced giftcards for Nandos, Pizza Express or any number of great food joints and get your % off! You may already have a student deal, so this will be ON TOP of that. For example, £10 meal, 15% student discount = £8.50.

Even without the student discount, if you pay with a gift card that has had 20% off, you’re suddenly getting your £10 meal for £8 AND you still have £2 on the card left to spend!

If you used your £10 card (with 20% off), for your £8.50 meal, you’ll still have paid only £8, and, have £1.50 change too!Your £10 meal will have cost you just £6.50. Your giftcard will still have £3.50 of fun on it left to spend.

How does this work in other retailers?

Firstly remember you’ll probably get a student discount at numerous retailers.But the fun doesn’t stop there.Check out our first suggestion – “get out”. Then apply the same logic to the rest of your uni life!

Online working – this can be uncomfortable if perched on a bed or unsuitable stool, so invest in a decent office chair (or something that will double up for gaming) and give your back a break.Amazon(You can get an Amazon card for 9% off at time of writing)

File your stuff! Working at home is never ideal, but even less so if you need to cram everything into a super-small space.This year, get on top of it with a tiny filing cabinet for your work only.Stash it in your room, and ensure it’s only for your work.Argos have a great selection of these too.

Stationery – get 3% off Amazon.co.uk gift cards.

Lugging stuff around. University is surrounded by students with heavy rucksacks, but this year, there will be even more stuff to be carried, along with the risk of liquids not mixing with tech.So buy the bag that will keep your masks, your hand sanitiser, disinfectant and your laptop separate.So many retailers to choose from – and Boots or a supermarket for your sanitiser. (Boots giftcards currently at 9% off)

Mask up – yes we’re all wearing masks but they don’t have to be dull.Treat yourself to a mask that says more about YOU.Or get bespoke masks.New Look, Next, John Lewis

Bike it! Whether you are in halls or further out of town, bikes are the order of the day – pick up a new bike at Halfords, Amazon or Argos, etc. And save yourself all the hassle of public transport.


Got a giftcard you don’t really want - convert it to cash! Make your plastic cashtastic – if you have a loving relative that has sent you a gift card for a store you won’t spend at, then swap it or sell it at Cardyard…

Right, now you know how it works. The gift card is discounted AND you use it to pay for the discounted goods too! Double discount, extra cash in YOUR pocket!

*All discounts and costs provided were correct at time of writing.We acknowledge that costs and discounts change, so please do check out available discounts when you come to buy.

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