Voucher swapping


Whatever you call it - voucher swapping (even voucher swopping?) or gift card trading - it’s all the same thing.

It can work brilliantly when you arrange a simple voucher-swap with close family who you trust 100%, or through a specialist 3rd party like Cardyard, but not so well if you’re trying to swop or swap with a stranger over the internet.

Giftcards and vouchers are just the same as cash, and that means they all need the same careful attention to security and safety.

Sadly with so many scams doing the rounds, the last thing you want is to do a trust-based voucher-swap with a random person and find out that the giftcard or voucher isn’t what it’s sold as. This can happen in a number of ways – including people spending the voucher before they send it to you, or time running out on it.It’s important to be careful when you’re voucher-swapping, and what’s why Cardyard is so very popular.

At Cardyard we check all the security of every single card we buy AND sell. We ensure that the card or voucher you swap or trade, is the card you want.We have stringent safety checks in place, because there are so many scams around with giftcards - and our focus is keeping you and your money safe.

A giftcard or voucher is like cash – treat it the same way.

If you’re going to hand someone a giftcard or swap vouchers, face to face and you know them, AND you’ve done a security check and date check and validity check on the giftcard, and you are 100% certain they haven’t saved all the e-voucher details to use online as soon as your back is turned – then that’s certainly safer. But if you can’t ensure – 100% - that all these safety elements are sorted, then stay safe, stay alert, and use Cardyard.co.uk

“I wanted to swap a voucher with a friend, so we swapped our giftcards.They had a £10 New Look voucher, and I had a £10 Amazon giftcard.We swapped them in the pub, but when I got home and tried to use the New Look voucher, I found out that it was out of date and worthless.It was only £10, could have been worse. But it was just so annoying”. -Charmaine.

Security for both buyers and sellers:

Dominic buys and sells giftcards with Cardyard.He said: “it is good to know if there is an issue, Cardyard will always start an investigation and request proof of evidence. I’m very confident that Cardyard is trustworthy and that they scrutinise every sale and transaction carefully”

A dedicated Head of Fraud Prevention

After 5 years operating at the cutting edge of finance and technology,Cardyard is fully equipped to investigate and resolve any issues.

Cardyard's Head of Fraud Prevention, Lea,explains:"When you buy a card from Cardyard, you know we have already checked out the gift card and its supply, and we guarantee the gift card balance for 42 days. If you have any problem with the card we will support you and fix any issue, but we do ask you to spend the card as quickly as possible. And sellers know we carry out thorough investigations of any issue and make sure they are supported appropriately."

Lea continues: “It’s at the very core of our business to ensure our customers and traders full security, safety and certainty that their giftcards and their money is safe with us.

REMEMBER: If anyone is pressuring you to buy a giftcard from them, or to swap or exchange something that you don't want to do - no matter how small or large, then STOP. .

14th of December, 2020More blog posts