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News from our customers:

Mr. Moeed M is a watch collector. He’s been collecting watches for many years and enjoys his hobby appreciating a whole range of time pieces, from the high-end brands like Rolex and Omega, to small independent brands like NOMOS. Moeed certainly has expensive tastes!

It was on one of these watch buying expeditions that Moeed realised that he could save cash by using pre-owned gift cards, so he started off looking at eBay where a High Street jeweller’s gift card was being sold. He said: “I was very tempted by eBay but I didn’t want to wait around on the auction site all day before I got the gift card, so I carried on looking around on Google".

That’s when he found Cardyard. “What a breath of fresh air! I was able to find the right gift card, and I got a 20% off. The customer assistant was really helpful and my card arrived the next day.

“It was only a few days later that I realised how lucky I had been not to go with eBay. I didn’t even realise the security implications of buying second hand gift cards, until I discovered that it is only Cardyard that checks and guarantees the cards they buy in. If I had bought from eBay, there would have been little or no cover if the seller had sold me a spent card”.

“Since that day about 6 months ago, I’ve bought several gift cards from Cardyard, and have branched out to using the gift cards to buy all manner of things. Last week I bought some M&S gift cards, which meant I could go food shopping and save 13% on it. And I’ve bought other cards which mean I’ve saved lots of money on everything from toys to clothes for my young fast-growing son”.

Moeed M is an excellent ambassador for Cardyard and we are grateful to him for his article.

INTERESTING FACT: The national clock and watch association do not use any one name to describe someone interested in collecting watches.However the word: Horologist is generally accepted to describe someone interested in timekeeping apparatus (watchmakers, clockmakers), as well as aficionados and scholars of horology.

25th of September, 2020More blog posts