We've got buyers waiting for your Giftcards


Make your plastic cash-tastic.

Got an Amazon, M&S or John Lewis giftcard in your pocket?

We’ve got buyers ready and waiting!

When it comes to fast-selling giftcards, Amazon is the leader! With John Lewis and Marks & Spencers giftcards hot on its heels.

In fact – we’ve got buyers lining up to BUY YOUR GIFTCARDS!

The most popular cards usually sell within just ONE HOUR of being available on the Cardyard site, so if you want to quickly turn your plastic into local-spendable-cash – start uploading them now!

If there’s ever been a good time to support your local retailers it’s now – but if there’s ever been a time when we’re turning to plastic, it’s also now! So let Cardyard help you do the alchemy, and make your plastic cash-tastic!

Other giftcards are also enjoying a list of potential buyers – so pop your card in the Cardyard sell-wizard, now, and see what you’ll get for it.

Why buy and sell via Cardyard?

Cardyard ONLY does giftcards.

Which means...

Speed: We’ve a whole list of buyers all keen to buy your gift-cards, so we can offer a speedy turn around

Security: Each card is tested and tracked, so you know that when you sell a card to us, we’ll check it immediately and send your cash when the buyer has paid and cleared funds (usually 2 weeks from sell date).

Spending power: When you buy from us, you can be certain the card has been security checked and viable, guaranteed for 42 days from date of purchase!

Remember: unlike the other ways to re-sell items (eg: Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay), Cardyard ONLY deals in gift-cards, so we are geared up to check and guarantee the cards.

31st of July, 2020More blog posts