Who buys gift cards at full price any more?


Does anyone buy full price gift-cards these days?

Well it seems quite a few of us do.

And some people even buy them for MORE than full price. Check this out – a quick search just found a “one for all” gift card valued at 50 Euros – on sale at £50 GBP (at today’s exchange rate - that’s £45.74 ) and a £100 Amazon.com card available on sale for £103.89

Seriously. Who is buying this stuff? Who is literally throwing away their hard-earned cash?

And when it all boils down to it – who is even paying a “normal” rate for gift cards these days, when you can buy them for so much less at Cardyard.

Right now - you can grab M&S cards at 10% off - and amazon.com at a massive 20% off the face rate*. Forget about paying the going rate - and certainly don't pay more than the face value! Cardyard.co.uk is here to save you cash every possible way!

With www.cardyard.co.uk - not only do you not need to pay over the odds, you can actually pay well under the odds.

BELOW IS AN EXAMPLE OF A QUICK ONLINE SEARCH. Retailers' details are obscured, but links can be provided upon request.

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*Gift Card stocks and rates change, but you'll always get a good deal with Cardyard.

5th of October, 2020More blog posts