​ Wow – you look different!


We're all fed up of the jogging bottoms and PJ’s! It’s been so long since we all got together, that maybe fashion has moved on without our wardrobes knowing about it!

"The Covid Experience" – whether you caught it or not, it’s likely going to have made a difference to the way you look and feel. And as we all get together again, perhaps you will start to notice friends and colleagues looking a little different since you last saw them.

Because let’s admit it – those Zoom filters helped us all – smoothing wrinkles and doing the “selfie-chin angle” was great! Now, no zoom. We have to show up in real life. (Hopefully not in PJ’s)

Then again, perhaps you feel amazing – you’ve lost weight and rediscovered cycling and running? Perhaps you’ve caught up with your sleep? You haven’t been waking so early to dash through traffic to work.

Maybe by now – you’ve even managed to get booked in for a haircut and a massage…?

Still, whatever has happened, one thing is almost guaranteed – we all look a little different to how we did a year or so ago.

When it comes to fashion that’s going to be changing too!

Fashion retailers love change.It’s how they make their money, and some fashion predictions say we are likely to look even more different as we start to shift into a new fashion era!The post-1920’s era was all about the flappers.The post-2020’s could lead us anywhere.

Alternatively perhaps we’ll resist, and upcycle our old favourites, connecting in with a more sustainable look.

Whichever route you take, though, you’re human.So you might well want to switch up (or down) your look. Because we all love new – even if it’s just new-to-you. And here’s how to save your cash as you splash.

Switching up – saving cash.

All the top fashion brands will be bringing out new lines and ranges. They will be tempting, and it’s so easy to give in to a gorgeous new look. STOP! Before you go spending in H&M or M&S, John Lewis or any of the other High St stores, save yourself some cash by paying with a reduced-price giftcard from Cardyard.

CURRENT RATES OF FASHION RETAILER CARDS… Stocks change daily and rates vary according to the cards - so do check our current rates - right now you can get 12% off SuperDry and 15% off Moss Bros (handy for interviews and new jobs)

Switching down – getting cash.

Re-sell clothes that are in great condition. Perhaps on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or any number of these online stores.

Lots of stores are opening that will re-sell designer fashions, and this may be the perfect time to have a wardrobe clear out and decide if you can re-sell anything through a store.The benefits are you’ll be supporting a local trader, and you don’t have to deal with lots of postage.

You may want to buy second-hand too!

If you’re tempted to be sustainable, then don’t be swayed back into the High Street just because you’ve got the gift-cards. Instead, sell your giftcards through Cardyard sell your giftcards through Cardyard and use the cash to spend in your local stores, be they charity stores or designer-re-sales or any one of the many fabulous clothing stores in our local towns.

Conscious fashion is here to stay.

So it’s time to consider what you’ll be spending your cash on, and switching up your look.Whether this is online, offline, re-cycled, upcycled, new or old. Switch onto the concept of “conscious fashion” – because it simply means we are making decisions that are more aware of the implications and cost – be that to the planet and/or the pocket. Cardyard can make this even easier, as you switch from plastic to cash, and flex your spending even more.

25th of May, 2021More blog posts