Enter Card Codes - quick start

Enter Card Codes - quick start pt43fzz0sP4 enter-codes-bulk

You must enter the redeem codes (sometimes called claim codes) into the sell screen.

  1. Goto the Sell Page.
  2. Enter shop name of the card you want to sell, then the value, quantity and expiry date.
  3. Click on Enter Codes.
  4. Type in the code from your card.
  5. Click on Add gift card.
  6. Continue to My details.
  7. Click on Send.
  8. Check details.
  9. Click on I shall send the gift cards.

Remember to send photos of cards and emails of e-gifts to e@cardyard.co.uk

Do you have more than one code to enter? - see Enter codes bulk.

10th of September, 2018