Part 2 "Keep cycling (your giftcards)"


"Cycle" your giftcards to get what you really want

Another story in our riveting series of people-who-get a-better-deal-from-their-gift-cards….

Paul's story

Paul got a Sainsbury’s voucher for Christmas. He’s saved it, and (unlike Jess) Sainsbury's is on his doorstep (Lucky Paul). However, he really wants an exercise bike, which Sainsbury's don’t sell. Paul's aware that the country might be on lockdown for a while, and he wants something to keep him and his family distracted and healthy.

He has found an online retailer, and he’s just seen a Facebook post from his friend, Jess, where she used to transform her Sainsbury's card to Asda vouchers.

Paul was delighted to see that he could trade his £25 Sainsbury giftcard to £25 worth of Argos vouchers – which he used towards his exercise bike. The transaction took only a few minutes, and membership of Cardyard was free. "I have now got the bike I need, the family are happy and we can all stay healthy and safe together"

PHOTO: Not Paul.

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30th of March, 2020More blog posts