Take a deep breath and "buy like a boss"


How you can save £££'s when you stop and take a moment first...

We have all heard about the panic buying that’s rife in our supermarkets, with the onset of Covid-19. Precisely why this is happening, is because of a whole range of reasons, which we will look at in another article. However, the main reason is our stress response, which puts us into “fight flight freeze” and makes it very difficult to think about things logically.

Fortunately, for the vast majority this is not our normal reaction, and usually we are a lot more strategic and level-headed.

Most of us will shop around to save a few quid. And when it comes to larger purchase, we’ll buy the best item for us, after doing some research. That may be research on the product, on reviews or price comparisons.

Usually our research is in 2 levels – we compare the item, and then we compare the shops where we can buy it. And at that point we make a decision, and hand over our cash, card or pay online.

The whole buying process might take hours if we’re buying something huge like a car or an engagement ring, but often it takes just a few minutes or might even be seconds. It’s fast – and that’s how shops like it. We act on impulse, and we spend more!

So if you could save a chunky amount by taking a few more seconds to make the purchase – would you do it?

Heck of course you would. When the average living wage is between £9 and £10.55/hour*, spending a few seconds online might save you the equivalent of an hour or more at work. What’s not to love? (and speaking of love - see how love and Cardyard fit together here)

Take a breath, save some money…

Next time you are about to make a big purchase (or even a small one for that matter) take a deep breath, count to 10 and check out Cardyard for our gift-card offers of the day. You could save yourself a substantial amount.

See our "Buy Like a Boss" infographic for how this works.

*UK Average living wage in 2020 is £9/hour, and £10.55 in London. Source: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/national-minimum-wage

26th of March, 2020More blog posts