COVID-19 Update


Updated 28 October 20.

This is an update to our previous blog post. We have reduced our office presence to comply with government guidance for reducing travel and contact, and this further affects incoming physical 'sell' gift cards. It also affects outgoing bought physical gift cards. It does not affect electronic gift cards.

  • The office is now manned on a Monday and Thursday when we process physical gift cards.
  • Orders for physical gift cards bought before 12 noon on a Monday and Thursday are sent out the same day.
  • Orders for physical gift cards bought after 12 noon will be sent on the day the office is next manned.
  • Physical 'sell' gift cards received up to a Friday are processed on Monday and then cards received up to a Wednesday are processed on Thursday.

The number of physical gift cards have drastically reduced, fortunately offset by an increase in electronic gift cards which we process straight away (office hours working from home). We remain busy and are thankful to all our customers.

We wish all our customers and visitors, and your loved ones, the fortune of good health.

From the Cardyard team.

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