Get Cash Instantly - Gift cards or vouchers!


Instant cash? Is there such a thing.

If you see an advert offering “get cash instantly” - it always pays to ask: "but at what cost?"

Here’s a very standard diagram. Most people have seen it at some time in their lives.I remember being introduced to it a few decades ago when my parents wanted to do some home improvements.

“See this bit in the middle of the three circles”? the builder asked. “This bit that says you can have something fast, and good, and cheap – well it’s fairyland”.

As it happens he was right. My parents used a "fairyland" builder, someone that promised the magic kingdom of instant, good quality, and inexpensive work. The lean-to, that was their pride and joy started crumbling within a few months.

Nowadays a friend uses this model to show her customers how they can’t have it all. She’s a graphic designer, and although she would love to make it all come true – it’s not possible. “Something always gives”.

Get cash instantly - is a warning flag!

And the same can apply when it comes to buying and selling any item.Including gift cards or gift vouchers. The idea of getting cash instantly – flags up the probability of massive risk. Or that perhaps the cash will come to you instantly but be much less than you want. (Or you won’t get it at all – horror!).

Many many years ago there was a test called the Marshmallow test and it was all about getting more as a result of a little patience.(Kids got an option of an instant marshmallow, but could have another one if they waited a little time before eating the first – learning the benefits of not rushing in).

Here at Cardyard we operate on Marshmallow principles.

We ensure that cards are security checked and approved, so you’re 100% certain of getting exactly what you buy or sell.We make sure that cash has been cleared before sending it on if you’re a seller.And we make sure that the gift-cards you buy are unused when we sell them.It takes us time – but that means nothing is left to chance!

Get cash instantly when you sell your giftcards?

Perhaps you will if you go elsewhere, but at what price? No reputable business will ever offer cash instantly. eBay makes you wait for your cash and it doesn’t even check your giftcards.

So, go for the “best” option – be certain you’ll get your cash or card - and enjoy certainty and peace of mind with Cardyard.

16th of December, 2020More blog posts