​The Perfect Gift For Your Little Bookworm

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Do you have a little – or a big – bookworm who would treasure a book as a gift this year? Maybe you have a book in mind, or maybe you want to let them choose which book they want to get. With a Waterstones or National Book Token gift card, you can either use it yourself to get more book for your money, or give it to them directly as a gift.

Maybe they love settling down to a good historical novel, science fiction, or warmly funny comedy book, are at university and need some books to help with their studies, or maybe are looking to expand their repertoire by trying out some new recipes, there is a book that can make everyone happy.


Waterstones has a shop in almost every British town – and some in Europe, offering an enormous selection of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books, as well as stationary, toys, games and gifts. In fact, you would be hard pushed to find someone who wouldn’t love something from Waterstones. You can also use your gift card in their online store if you can’t get to a bricks and mortar shop. If you know what you want to buy the book-lover in your life, you can buy a discounted gift card and use it to purchase your gift of choice. And if not, let them choose it themselves!

National Book Tokens

National Book Tokens include a range of book tokens which are perfect for any book lovers, in a range of designs, making them an ideal gift for any special person who enjoys a good read – children and adults alike. You can use National Book Tokens in a number of book shops around the country, including Waterstones, WH Smith, Blackwells, Easons and a whole host of independent book shops.

Buying a gift of a book for a special person – young or old – is giving them the gift of knowledge, escapism or the chance to transform them into a far-off world. By buying a discounted gift card for Waterstones or National Book Tokens, you can buy more book for your buck. So go on, make their Christmas and give them the gift of a book.


22nd of November, 2017More blog posts