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Waterstones is the last remaining chain of specialist bookshops on the high street with 275 stores, some with a Cafe W; a great place to sip a cappuccino reading Jane Austin.

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More about Waterstones

Waterstones issue plastic Gift Cards and paper vouchers, the latter through corporates. They also issue Student Bookpass which is a gift card for the offspring and a top up card for the parent.

How to redeem:Gift Cards can be used in-store and online, though paper vouchers are usable in-store only. If your store has a Cafe W, you can use your gift card for refreshments too.

Gift Cards last 24 months from last use including a balance enquiry

How to balance check: There is no online balance checker. Waterstones say you should hold onto the previous transaction receipt, or visit a Watersones store and make a balance enquiry at the till which will extend your card for another 2 years.

Enjoy instant savings with our discount Waterstones gift cards when you next purchase a book or stationery from Waterstones.

These discount Waterstones gift cards can be used online or in Waterstones bookshops in the UK, Isle of Man and Jersey. Alternatively, if you have an unwanted Waterstones gift card, you can sell your gift card to us for cash.

Get off facebook and into Waterstones, take children, browse books, have a coffee, and talk to the highly literate staff about their favourite reads.

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