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  • Free up the Cash to buy Freddy a Furbo! (what?)

    Free up the Cash to buy Freddy a Furbo! (what?)

    9th of April, 2021

    Bet you didn’t know that it’s National Pet Month* in April! To be fair, neither did we until we checked. And chances are that your pet – be it a teensy hamster or a majestic great Dane, has played an enormous role in your mental and emotional wellbeing over the past year. After all – it’...

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  •   Shops nearly open - are you ready?

    Shops nearly open - are you ready?

    30th of March, 2021

    It’s been a while since we all went out and hit the shops in a meaningful way. I know we’ve all survived on supermarket clothing and own-brand toiletries (if at all) and for everything else there’s Amazon… but NOTHING beats the thrills and spills of a real shopping trip! ...

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  • What's your motivation for vaccination?

    What's your motivation for vaccination?

    25th of March, 2021

    It’s all over the news – Vaccination Certificates, Incentives for Jabbing, news, views and the desperation to get a jab anyway. But at some point, there’s the big question – “What is our personal Motivation for Vaccination”? Now many of us may be just delighted ...

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  • Can I convert a gift card to cash?

    Can I convert a gift card to cash?

    22nd of March, 2021

    Turning your giftcard back to cash is very tempting. Particularly with furlough continuing and many people wanting to cash in their assets. Fortunately Cardyard offers a very safe, secure way to sell your giftcard on – whether it has been used in part or completely unuse...

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  • The gift of self-gifting!

    The gift of self-gifting!

    17th of March, 2021

    Seems like the term “self-care” has grown into every day use almost over night! To be fair it has probably actually taken a few years, but time seems all of a blur at the moment. Self-gifting - the next every-day word? Our prediction is that “self-gifting” or “gift-card-self-us...

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  • Gift Card at Easter

    Gift Card at Easter

    11th of March, 2021

    Do Easter with a difference With Easter just around the corner, whilst lockdown is still on, it’s a good guess that people are more likely to send a giftcard* than arrange a family meet up over an Easter dinner. *it’s flatter than an Easter egg – travels better...

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  • Giftcard Freedom Certificate

    Giftcard Freedom Certificate

    11th of March, 2021

    Here it is - we've all been waiting for it..... Your own certificate to set your friends free of gift-card-guilt: "Dear friend "I may have given you a giftcard lately – and that’s because giving cash just seems a bit “tacky”. However I want you to know tha...

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  • Giftcards for Mothers Day

    Giftcards for Mothers Day

    8th of March, 2021

    Mothering Sunday is on the 14th March in the UK. And, although you will love their thoughts and gesture - how confident are you that you will truly "like" what your children do this year? Because let's face it - it’s hard to be realistic when your children give yo...

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  • Gift card, gift voucher, tokens, eGiftcards – what’s in a word?

    Gift card, gift voucher, tokens, eGiftcards – what’s in a word?

    2nd of March, 2021

    Surprisingly Gift cards are called different names depending on where in the world you are.In the US/North America – they are most certainly gift cards or gift certificates. Whereas in the UK you’re more likely to hear of a Gift Voucher or even a Gift Token.So - Gift card, gift vouc...

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  • Tell us what you're thinking

    Tell us what you're thinking

    26th of February, 2021

    Wow, that was a wild year we've just been through!But enough about us - how was it for you? Have you used Cardyard lots, to save money and make money? Our figures show that giftcards were really popular last year - and we'd love to hear what you think too. eGift vouc...

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