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  • British Bargain Hunters Bag Latest Fashions

    British Bargain Hunters Bag Latest Fashions

    19th of June, 2017

    'There is surely not a person in the whole of the British Isles who doesn’t love the sense of satisfaction to be gained from bagging a bargain when they go clothes shopping.When someone compliments you on what you are wearing - and you secretly know that your on-trend outfit cost y...

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  • Discover the magic of the West End with Theatre Tokens

    Discover the magic of the West End with Theatre Tokens

    19th of May, 2017

    A day out at the theatre can prove to be a rather expensive experience, but with so many great shows you don't want to miss out on a top evening out. With Theatre Tokens you can save money while enjoying some of the best shows the West End has to offer. With that in mind, we've put toge...

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  • Save BIG On Gaming And Digital Entertainment!

    Save BIG On Gaming And Digital Entertainment!

    19th of May, 2017

    'When buying a present for children, teens or younger family members, the issue of what to get them is often resolved by picking up a gift voucher or an online e-voucher that they can redeem instantly. While it might be the easy way out when it comes to gift giving, it also saves a...

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  • See more at Cineworld this Summer

    See more at Cineworld this Summer

    10th of May, 2017

    Going to the cinema can be an out of this world experience but it can also be a tough on on the pocket, especially if you are taking a date, a partner or your entire family.Cineworld eGift vouchers can be us...

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  • Cardyard on Channel 4

    Cardyard on Channel 4

    13th of December, 2016

    Cardyard was on Channel 4’s Supershoppers Christmas Special on December 12th.They ran a great feature on gift cards, stating that in the UK last year, £300 million went unspent on unused gift cards. This was one of the reasons we set up Cardyard – to help people avoid wasting ...

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  • Notifications of New Cards

    Notifications of New Cards

    9th of December, 2016

    New feature! Notification of new cards in stockIn response to some excellent feedback (keep it coming – we LOVE to hear from our members!) we have recently introduced a Notification service on the ‘Buy’ page. All you have to do is click the purple ‘Notify me when new card li...

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  • Get paid through PayPal

    Get paid through PayPal

    9th of September, 2016

    When you sell us a gift card, you can now choose to be paid through PayPal.To achieve this, select PayPal as the payment method on the 'My Details' screen, which is the second screen you come across when selling a gift card.Having selected PayPal, you must then link to your Pay...

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  • Save money by buying a discounted gift card – the hassle-free way

    Save money by buying a discounted gift card – the hassle-free way

    27th of June, 2016

    Buying a discounted gift card or voucher is a great way to save money at your favourite stores or websites. Better still, when you buy a discounted card or voucher from Cardyard you can buy with confidence because: Cardyard gift cards and vouchers are Validated

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  • Marks & Spencers Credit Vouchers

    Marks & Spencers Credit Vouchers

    11th of June, 2016

    We no longer accept Credit Vouchers.Marks and Spencer Credit Vouchers look like till receipts with a value, expiry date, 24 numeric code and barcode. They can only be used in-store and not online, and expire 12 months from issue. They can be used to purchase items of lesser value, whe...

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  • Current Discounts

    Current Discounts

    12th of May, 2016

    Here is a selection of savings you can make using discounted gift cards from Cardyard. For example, don't pay for iTunes or Apple Music with a credit card, use a discounted gift card and save 20%...33% off Red Letter Days

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