Why am I being asked for ID?


Any card £150+ or when you hit the selling limit threshold we will be asking you for ID. We use this ID to do a due diligence check.

The process of due diligence is the verification of your identity to satisfy our anti-fraud checks and legal obligations such as Anti Money Laundering. We may send details to our trusted credit reference agency TransUnion. The data we may send are email, phone, address, bank account details, driving licence details* and passport details*. We will only send your details if you are selling a gift card to us with a greater value than our threshold value, or you are buying gift cards from us and our security system has flagged the transaction as risky. You will be informed before your details are sent. The act of sending this information will not be registered against you by TransUnion, and will have no effect on any other applications you make for any other service.

It's important that your details are up to date. if you have recently moved please let us know and/or let us now the previous address. Any discrepancy between the address on account and ID will be rejected. We will only do the due diligence check once.

For more information on TransUnion's privacy policy, follow the link https://www.transunion.co.uk/legal-information/bureau-privacy-notice

If you don’t wish to comply with our request, you can cancel the sale or let us know and we will cancel it for you.

If your due diligence check comes back as a fail, we can’t accept any cards from you.

* Note, we will only be able to send your driving licence and passport details to our credit reference agency if you have supplied them to us by request.

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