Will you accept and validate my gift card?

  1. It must match the description and type. We accept transcript codes directly into the website for several retailers and are expanding this possibillity.
  2. Missing, incomplete or invalid cards will be marked as invalid and not accepted.
  3. If you are sending an email gift card and the link to a website to retrieve the card and a form is required or password, we will not be able to process it, so make sure it’s simple and clear.
  4. Refund/return and exchange cards are non-transferrable and we have an agreement with the shops that we won't take them. The value of all the cards & vouchers you sell to us in one go (package) cannot exceed £500* unless you have obtained our agreement.
  5. You cannot sell us more than £1,000* worth of cards in one month without our agreement.
  6. You must have a UK billing address.
  7. It must have a minimum of 3 months expiry
  8. The value and expiry date of the gift card must match the data provider.
  9. If you are selling us gift cards worth over £200 we may ask you for details on their source - ie where they came from plus we require a photo ID or passport with utility bill due to our due diligence process.

Selling gift cards