Retailer gift card terms and conditions


Gift Cards are big business in the UK. There are many intermediaries and resellers, so to protect themselves, retailers put terms and conditions on their cards that are binding on the person who purchases them. Terms like cannot be exchanged for cash refer to retailers reluctance to take back the card. Occasionally we have seen the term cannot be resold, and although this restricts the purchaser of the card, it may not be enforceable on consumers; it is designed as a part of reseller and bulk purchasing agreements. One thing is certain, if you receive a gift card as a gift, none of the restrictions are enforceable as there is no consideration (no payment of money by you). You can do what you want with the card and can pass on the benefit in any way you choose, such as selling the gift card for cash.

When we buy the gift card from you, there is consideration (we pay you money) and we have our own terms and conditions.