Spend Local to Support Local Businesses


Buy local to support your local town

Today VISA* released figures showing that when we shop local a whopping £3.80 from every £10 we spend STAYS local.

Why does shopping local matter?

This matters because it is keeping our high streets alive – our corner shops – essentially our “local larders” can continue. Our friends and neighbours who rely on their easy-to-walk-to jobs, or who run local businesses, will be supported.

We can influence what we buy

In fact, by shopping locally, our ability to influence choice is improved. When we tell our local shop-owners of our preferences, then they are much more likely and able to order it in for us, than if you tell a shop assistant in Tesco’s for example.

Community continues

When our town centres, village stores and local corner shops disappear then we also lose a huge chunk of our community. Nobody ever wants to live in a village without some form of centre or hub, be that a local pub, village store or a community centre. But to keep these going, we’ve got to use them. Our sense of community is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing. People in communities look out for each other and support each other.

Ideas to keep our spending local?

So, in a world of international conglomerates, national companies, huge chains and online shopping – how do we ensure we are spending responsibly and locally? Here are a few ideas to keep our spending local.

Split your shop.

And prioritise local purchases.Whereas we used to do a top-up shop at the local store – flip it.Aim to do your main shopping local, and just top up at the supermarket.

Buy seasonal.We’ve heard it for ages, that seasonal food is better for us, and has fewer road/air miles.So ditch the December strawberries and rediscover the joys of autumnal British fruits, apple pies, sloe-gin and quince jelly.

Shop like it’s a social. (Let’s face it, right now, it is)

Your local shops may have fewer parking spaces, so walk there, take your time, engage with people – from a social distance of course. You may well get to know new people, make new friends. Make local shopping an event to enjoy and cherish, as a moment to connect with others

Keep to cash.

Gift cards are great when used wisely (see our “how to save with gift cards” articles LINKS) But national giftcards, or cards from US conglomerates, seldom help local people in local businesses, unless they are using them for buying components or items for re-sale (see our BUSINESS article LINK).

So keep to cash by trading your gift card into good old pounds and pence, and then using the cash locally.

If you RUN a local business

If you run a local business, you have never been so vital! We salute you and thank you. Now is time to maximise your assets, and sell future-vouchers, look at club-schemes, and connect with your customers more.It’s the perfect moment in history to engage with people who might never have shopped with you before.So make the most of this, and build up goodwill that can pay you forward.You deserve it!

*Here's a link to the VISA article quoted: VISA LINK: https://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/visa/pressreleases/choose-to-shop-local-this-christmas-visa-reveals-the-positive-impact-on-local-economies-3053048

23rd of November, 2020More blog posts