Where do I send my gift card?

  1. Most physical gift cards are now to be sent to us electronical by entering the card numbers and uploading photos or links (see 2 below). Only some retailers we will require the card physically. We are now only processing physical cards posted into us, once a week but cards submitted online, are processed daily.
  2. To upload your evidence of your eGift Card or physical gift card you can either attach it when you list the card or email it to us e@cardyard.co.uk . We require one of the following: original email, URL link, PDF form, a clear photo of your gift card, a screenshot or photo of a print out etc. It must show the card details and value. Please include your sell order number in the email.
  3. The postal address is: Cardyard, PO Box 842, EXETER, EX1 9WZ. Ensure you include your sell order number and a return address on the envelope just in case Royal Mail have a problem with delivering your card and need to return it. The cost of postage is NOT covered by Cardyard.

Selling gift cards