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Second largest grocers in the UK after leviathan Tescos, ASDA also sell good quality clothes, cheap mobile phone tarrifs, and eye tests, plus other stuff.

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More about ASDA

How to redeem: ASDA gift cards can be used in store and online. They are valid for 2 years from previous transaction which does not include balance enquiry.

How to balance check: ASDA provide an online balance checker, though you must reveal the PIN to use it. To find the checker, use the Gift Card link at the foot of the main ASDA website.

ASDA encourage you to register your gift card so you can get it cancelled and re-issued after loss.

Some ASDA gift cards are branded George, George at Home, Pocket Money and Shopping Card, but they are all treated identically. Christmas Savings Cards and School Shop Savings Cards offer a generous one-off bonus of up to £15, but after the bonus date is passed (mid November and July respectively) they become plain old gift cards. Student Shopper Cards have a linked card held by parents who can top up their offspring's card remotely. The card held by the Student works just like a gift card. In fact, the parent and student cards are clones of each other and share the same balance.

ASDA customer services are very helpful, and can move balances from one gift card to another. They are very nice but we haven't tested balance movement yet.

ASDA have recently upgraded their gift card systems. They have a comprehensive gift card programme including Student Parent Card, Volunteer Shopping Card, School Shop Savings Card, and Christmas Savings Card. The two savings cards give bonuses cementing ASDA's position as contributers to the community.

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