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Tesco is the biggest grocer in the UK by some margin, and the second biggest grocer in the world, after Walmart. They are more than just a grocer, selling homewares, fashion, technology, telecoms and banking. And some other stuff too.

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More about Tesco

How to redeem:Tesco do plastic gift cards and digital gift cards which have the same benefits and restrictions. For example, neither can be used to buy groceries online, nor used at Tesco tyres, Tesco cards, Tesco fireworks, Tesco party, Tesco carpets, nor Tesco Esso Fuel Pumps.

How to balance check:  Each time you use your Tesco gift card, you should get a receipt that shows the remaining balance. Alternatively call 03450 757757 for the automated balance checker.

Tesco gift cards expire five years after the last transaction (spend or top up, but not balance enquiry). Five years is a good amount of time so hats off to them. You cannot earn clubcard points when you purchase or top-up a gift card, (unlike when you top-up your PAYG SIM). However, you can earn clubcard points when you spend your gift card.

Discount Tesco gift cards are a great way to save on your weekly shop down the Tesco store. Get cash for your unwanted Tesco gift cards on Cardyard.

The Tesco  gift card site is