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More about B&Q

B&Q issue plastic and e-gift cards which can be used in-store in the UK (except concessions and cafes in B&Q stores). Newer gift cards and all e-gift cards can also be used online at We can't guarantee the physical cards will work on-line, so don't buy a physical one unless you are planning on using it in-store.

A gift card can't be used for purchases from B&Q call centres or in B&Q stores outside of the UK, including B&Q stores in Jersey or Guernsey and Republic of Ireland, or from in-store cafes though that may change.

B&Q gift cards expire 5 years after transaction including balance enquiry. 

How to balance check: There is a balance checker available from:

You cannot use a B&Q gift card that has been loaded with Euros (€), B&Q Decorating Cards and selected Corporate Gift Cards online. If you're not sure, check the back of your Gift Card - card numbers beginning 50450756655 can't be redeemed online.