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Sports, Fitness & Outdoors

Halfords offers a range of products including motoring parts, cycling products and camping and leisure equipment. They have around 400 stores in the UK.

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More about Halfords

How to redeem: Halfords issue plastic gift cards and e-Gift cards that can be used in-store and on-line. You can use up to 3 gift cards to complete a purchase online. You can use any number in-store. They can be used in Halfords 'retail stores' to buy any physical product, and in Halfords Autocentres. We guarantee gift cards for 6 weeks so you should spend them as soon as possible. Halfords issue some egift cards that last 4 months, and others that last 2 years from last use including balance check.

How to balance check: There is an online balance checker which requires the PIN.

Save money next time you buy anything from Halfords including motoring, cycling and camping products with a discounted Halfords gift card. These discounted Halfords gift cards can be used in any UK Halfords store and at Halfords garages (Auto Centres).

For the official Halfords gift card website, visit